How to Handle Your Horse Confidently

How to Handle Your Horse Confidently

Horses are quite gentle and they are not wild animals. What you will like most people most people face is lack of confidence, even the experienced riders suffer from this. Below are some tips on how to handle your horse with enough confidence.


Patience is the most important attribute when handling a horse. These animals can be a little skittish but if you portray confidence, you can bring a skittish horse back to calm. Make them feel safe around you and they will calmly create a bond with you.


It is not that difficult to learn how to move appropriately around your horse. Be thoughtful and learn how to respect the space of the horse. Its demeanor, posture, attitude and movements will tell you when it’s uncomfortable with your intrusion into its personal space. Just like humans set boundaries, horses too are able to do that. When you respect that space, you two will definitely be friends.

Avoid Making The Horse Nervous

According to Banixx, kicking and lunging are not typical horse behaviors. This happens when the horse is uncomfortable y how you put on the bridle and the saddle, it will move towards or away from you. Take this into account, because the horse is going to set up a situation where it has no ability to trust you and lose confidence with you to accept new things.

Understanding The Horse

Read your horse. This means being able to know what is going on with the horse at any moment. Check out is its calm, nervous anxious or in pain or trusting. This is a very important skill to acquire. Learning this skill or reading your horse will help you to develop confidence with the horse, even when proper moves are new or not yet known. If you can look at your horse and feel what is going for it, then you own a priceless skill. You will develop these skills through kindness, creating safety, patience and a desire to help the horse. Don’t just grab the horse, be gentle.  Here is a guide to understanding the body language of your horse.

There are also two approaches that I have used in the past and can be very helpful, although it depends on the kind of rider you are. The first one is to just get after her and make her do it. This may involve a lot of napping and a couple of hard smacks with a stick. Secondly, go soft with the horse; this will help a nervous horse especially if it is being accompanied by someone on foot.

The Best Food to Keep a Working Dog Healthy

The Best Food to Keep a Working Dog Healthy

When you decide to have a dog at home as a pet or for security reasons and other types of work, you will have to regard it as part of your family, but not like one of your children. Even those used for work by security agencies equally need to be treated as family and part of family treatment is good feeding with the right diet meant for dogs. Even though all dogs have the same nutritional needs, some dog foods are more equal than others. We would be bringing you some of the 4 best foods suitable for your dog.  Here are somethings to look for in a dog food.

1. Orijen’s dog food: It is a grain free food that is designed and prepared to emulate the natural biological diet that is meant for your dog’s evolution and growth. It uses the freshest regional ingredients in formulas that cater to every stage of the dog’s development from a puppy to senior. It was named one of the best picks for dogs by the top dog food review site online because of all the users that swear it helps cure ear infections in dogs. It contains not more than 20% carbohydrates, low glycemic, highly digestible carbs like lentils, pumpkin, leafy greens and fresh fruits. Most are grain free.

2. Canidae: It is prepared with premium and digestible carbohydrates in their formulas to suit every development stage of the dog. This is a top pick for dry dog foods with quality recipe. The Canidar Grain-free Pure has the ingredients in it, premium proteins like duck, wild boar and fresh lamb. These recipes are prepared with limited ingredients in order to avoid food allergies. In their entire 20 year history, Canidae has only recalled one product of theirs and this was voluntary for concerns about salmonella contamination.

3. Blue Buffalo: It is known to offer both dry and wet food for dogs. However, they are reputed to be the top creators and producers of wet dog foods. They offer four distinct formulas for you to choose for the one that suits your dog. According to, Blue Buffalo maybe expensive but they offer foods lower in carbohydrates, higher moisture and more palatable for some dogs. It is also a top choice for wet dog foods for and With over 20 years of history, they have also had some voluntary recalls of their products.

4. Taste of the wild: They are regarded as the best manufacturers of grain-free food with nutrition formulas that reduce any risk of allergies. Even many dogs can digest whole grain carbohydrates, they can result to allergies and sensitivities in some dogs. A good grain- free food should be made with the following; legumes, fruits, vegetables but the focus must be quality sources of protein.